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Conserving and Exhibiting the Works of Nam June Paik

June 26, 2013

This all-day symposium examined the conservation and restoration of works by Nam June Paik. Talks focused on the exhibition, “Nam June Paik: Global Visionary.” Presenters discussed their experiences with conserving and exhibiting Paik’s works in a series of lectures and panel discussions. Specific artworks were addressed in relation to broader issues of time-based media art conservation.

Session 1: John G. Hanhardt and Jon Huffman

Session 2: Michael Mansfield and Hugh Shockey

Session 3: Lori Zippay & Panel Discussion

Session 4: John Hirx

Session 5: R. Bloes, R. Bek, & C. Frohnert

Session 6: Joanna Phillips

Session 7: Ann Goodyear & Panel Discussion