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Classroom Activities


These American Art Museum online features contain interactive or media-rich assets that can easily be used by educators in the classroom. Students can learn by viewing media or taking part in various online activities.

Picturing the 1930s

Picturing the 1930s
Explore the 1930s through paintings, historical documents, music, and video in this virtual 3-d movie theater. Virginia Mecklenburg, Senior Curator of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, guides your visit.

Superhighway Scholars

Superhighway Scholars
In this activity, inspired by Nam June Paik's video-sculpture of the United States, students are encouraged to create collages that represent their state, write about their experience, and submit their work to the site for display!

del Corazon

¡del Corazón!
Watch video interviews with Latino artists in this media-rich bilingual Web site. It also offers a "zoomify" feature that allows you to closely examine artworks.

Meet Me at Midnight

Meet Me at Midnight
The Root Monster, a mischievous folk art sculpture, has mixed-up artworks at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Young students learn art concepts as they solve mysteries and set the museum right.

Catlin Classroom

Catlin Classroom
Gather around the campfire to hear interviews with scholars, Native American leaders and more in this interactive site about George Catlin's quest to document tribes of the Great Plains.

Edmonia Lewis's Cleopatra

Cleopatra: Lost and Found
Tour an Edmonia Lewis exhibition that highlights historical, biblical, and literary figures in sculpture.

Henry Tanner

Henry O. Tanner
Explore an interactive timeline that tells the story of Tanner's life and work. Then see if you can identify paintings by Tanner in our game.


Investigate landscape art from the Smithsonian American Art Museum and museums in Canada and Mexico. The education section offers interactive ways to master concepts such as linear perspective, contrast, patterns, and more.


Robert Cottingham
Multimedia interviews with the artist take visitors through Robert Cottingham's influences, experimentation, and travel in search of subjects.

Singular Impressions

Watch in-depth videos that describe the monotype process.

American Kaleidoscope

American Kaleidoscope
Take a virtual tour featuring works by contemporary artists. Explore audio interviews with those artists as well.

White House Collection of American Crafts

White House Craft
Discover the White House craft collection with video footage of former First Lady Hillary Clinton, curator Michael Monroe, museum director Elizabeth Broun, and the artists themselves.

Luce Media

Luce Center Media Archive
Locate media files, artist interviews and more from the Luce Center for American Art.


More Smithsonian Resources
Locate more materials with this Smithsonian-wide list.