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Educational Insights

American Art can excite, challenge, and delight all learners. Art is a special record of experience that shapes understanding and offers new insights. Using our online activities, learn about American art, create artworks, and look closely at artworks using roll-overs and Zoomify.

Learn, share and create your own movie about the 1930s using artworks from our collection in Picturing The Thirties.

Explore Meet Me at Midnight, our Web site for kids. Through interactive games, learn about visual art and experience the fun of museum-going.

In Bottlecaps to Brushes, Cappy, a folk art giraffe in our collection, guides young children through art activities for school or home.

Visit Speaking of Pictures and use your mouse to reveal interesting insights information about our artworks or explore details in a number of artworks using the Zoomify tool.

Select your birth date from the drop-down boxes and discover which artists share your birthday.