"Everything is still the same as it was, but it's different."
    —Edward Wortz


Joseph Cornell
Untitled (Medici Slot Machine Family, "Carravaggio" series)
You can create a box filled with pictures and objects that are special to you. Look through your collection of small treasures and decide which items will be suitable for your box. If you do not have a collection, start one! Cut out pictures from magazines and newspapers; save postcards and photographs; look for beads, buttons, shells, pebbles, and other small objects that you like. Arrange the pictures and items in ways that are pleasing to you.
Here's how:

1. Get out these supplies:

  • a cigar box or cardboard gift box
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • wrapping paper
  • your pictures and treasures
2. Arrange your objects in the box.
  • Play around with different combinations of objects before you glue anything down.
  • Are you just covering the inside of the box or will you decorate the lid and sides, too?
3. Cover your box.
  • Cut and glue the pictures, photographs, and wrapping paper to the surface of the box.
  • Arrange and glue the objects you have selected. Be sure to use enough glue!
4. Share your vision.
  • Show your personality box to your friends and family.
  • Will you explain the meanings of the things in the box to them or will you keep it a mystery?