"Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks."


Sister Gertrude Morgan thought music was very important, and I do, too. But you'd never be able to guess what I thought about music by looking at my tapes and CDs. So I decided to make covers for my cases. Now it's easy to see what music I like best! This is what I did:

Sister Gertrude Morgan
Let's Make a Record
1. Get out these supplies:
  • pencils (#2 and colored)
  • scrap paper
  • lightweight posterboard or heavy drawing paper
  • scissors
  • old magazines
  • glue
  • stiff brush for glue
  • markers
2. Try to "see" your music.
  • Play your tape or CD again.
  • Do the sounds you're hearing remind you of anything? You may think of colors and shapes, or you may imagine a whole scene. Daydream while you listen.
  • Make a quick sketch of whatever you're "seeing."
3. Make your cover.
  • On the posterboard, use a pencil to trace around the premade cover from your tape or CD case.
  • Carefully cut our your new cover. Fold it like the old one so it will fit the case.
  • Copy the design from your quick sketch.
  • Expand your design to fill your cover. Don't forget the back and the hinge edge!
4. Fill in your design.
  • Will magazine cut-outs be good for some areas? You can cut out one whole picture or parts of several pictures.
  • Spread the glue evenly before pasting the cut-outs to your cover.
  • Try gluing things on top of each other. It's fun to mix things you'd never expect to see together!
  • Use your markers and colored pencils to fill in any blank areas or to change the colors of the printed ones.
5. Give your new cover a new name.
  • What did you picture in your mind when you listened to this music? When do you like to play it? Choose a name that tells something special about your tape or CD.
  • Use markers or letters cut from magazines to put the name on your cover.
  • Now everybody will know what you think!