"I am only a public entertainer who has understood his time."
    —Pablo Picasso


I wonder if Robert Rauschenberg has make-believe pets?

They don't allow real animals in the Museum, and I don't have any stuffed ones. Sometimes I pretend that the other sculptures in the museum are my pets. When mealtime comes around, I really have to use my imagination to decide what these friends might want to eat. I've made some boxes and bags for their funny snacks.

Why don't you make a special container for your pets' food? Here's how:

Robert Rauschenberg
The Chow Series: Hog Chow
1. Get out these supplies:

  • scrap paper
  • pencil
  • an empty food container
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue or tape
  • markers
2. Decide who you'll be feeding, and what you'll give them.
  • Does your dog or cat have a favorite snack? You can use your container to store treats for a real animal, or your snacks can be imaginary, too!
  • The ducks at the lake and the birds in your yard are always hungry!
  • If they were real, what sort of treats would your stuffed animals like?
  • What do you think an imaginary animal like the jackalope might eat?
3. Design your container.
  • Use your pencil and scrap paper to sketch your ideas.
  • Will your container have pictures of your pet? A cartoon bubble can show what he thinks of his treat!
  • What will you name your special brand of pet food?
4. Make your "critter chow."
  • Use your empty food container as a guide.
  • With your pencil, trace all the shapes that make your container onto your construction paper. Don't leave out the top and bottom!
  • Use your pencil and markers to copy your design from the scrap paper to the construction paper.
  • Cut out the shapes and tape or glue them to the matching spaces on your container.
5. Feed your pet!