Look at the sculpture in this picture. How is it like a real giraffe?
How is it different?

You've seen giraffes in the zoo, and I'll bet you can draw a pretty good picture of one. Would your drawing look anything like this sculpture?

If you look at the sculpture closely, you'll notice that where real giraffes have spotted fur, this giraffe has hundreds of bottle caps. The artist who made him saved the tops from bottles that were made in France, Canada, and the United States. He used them in a new way…to cover his giraffe. Then he put his sculpture on wheels.

Now look at me. How am I different?

The cartoonist who made me had a different idea. She couldn't put bottle caps in a book, so she used a hole punch and decorated paper to make my colorful spots. And she gave me a skateboard!

You see, artists don't only use brushes and paint. Art can be made with crayons, or colored paper, or old socks, or dried flowers or…bottle caps! The possibilities are endless. There is no limit to an artist's imagination—or yours.

Now that you've met me, some of your ideas about art have changed, haven't they?