This happens all the time when you look at a work of art. That's what artists want to happen. They want to give you a new way to see the world and new ideas about the way you live in it.

They might even want to give you new ideas about giraffes!

I usually stand near the front door, welcoming visitors. But sometimes, when things aren't too busy, I jump on my skateboard and look around. I always find something new to see and think about.

Sometimes I try out these new ideas. But what I create in my artwork is unique—it could only come from me! The same is true of you.

Shall I show you some of my favorite works of art in the museum?

When we get to my favorite artists, we'll read about them together. Then I'll tell you about the art I've made using some of their ideas, so you can try it, too.

And since you don't know your way around the museum as well as I do, I'll show you the way.