Wherever I go, I see something that would make a good picture.
What I see might seem pretty ordinary, but the pictures I make sure aren't!
And I don't even need a camera to take them!

"SMILE!" Would you please take my picture?

Alvan Fisher
A General View of the Falls of Niagara (detail)

Every time I look at something, my eyes are like the lens of a camera. When I think about whether what I see would make a good picture or not, my imagination is my viewfinder. How do I "develop" my pictures? With crayons, paint, clay…sometimes even film.

Making pictures is one way to remember things, and to share your thoughts and memories with other people, too. By recording what you see, you show them how the world looks through your eyes and from your point of view.

What do you think artists in this museum are showing us in their artwork?

Let's find out!