Have you ever looked at a plant through a magnifying glass?
Before I had, I thought I knew what stems and leaves looked like. When I look out of the big windows in the museum, I can see lots of them.

But the view I have through the museum windows is nothing like the one I have through my magnifying glass!

When you look at something in a new way, it can seem completely different. You might not even recognize it at first.

When you do recognize it, though, you understand what you're seeing in a new way, too.

You see it from a different point of view.

I've been wondering how my museum looks to people visiting it for the first time.

From the outside, it might not seem as big as it does to me. But it's big enough to hold more than 37,500 works of art!

And a lot of this artwork gives us different ways of looking at things.

So get ready to see something new—even if I'm not bringing my magnifying glass!