Movie Making Instructions

1) Click on an artwork you want to use. An info screen should appear with options to "LEARN," "SHARE," and "ADD TO BIN." To use the artwork in your movie, click on "ADD TO BIN." Select as many artworks as you want.

2) When you are ready to make a movie, click the "MAKE MOVIE" button. The PrimaryAccess movie maker will open on the "Start" tab. Click the "Find" tab to see the objects in your bin.

3) Click the box next to an artwork you want to use in your movie. The artwork should appear in the viewer. To use the artwork, click "Add to Folder" It should appear in "My Folder." Use as many artworks as you want — three or fewer are suggested for your first movie.

4) Click on the "Script" tab and click to the right of the orange line. A cursor should appear. Type your movie script.

5) Drag the image from "My Folder" to the left of the orange line, next to the script discussing it.

6) Save your script.

7) Click on the "Narrate" tab. Your script should appear. Click the "Options" button and select "Record Narration." A sound level meter should appear at the bottom of the screen.

8) Click the "Record" button and read your script. Click "Stop" when you are finished. Click "Play" to hear your recording. A sound wave should appear in the sound level meter. If a sound wave does not appear or is very weak, your recording is not loud enough. You can erase your recording and re-read your script until you are satisfied. When you are finished recording your narration, click "Save."

9) Click on the large green arrow in the "View" tab to see if the audio is in synch with the images. If necessary, use the "Narration" slider to adjust the audio playback volume between 0 and 100. If the audio is not in synch with the images, click the "Options" button in the "Narrate" tab and select "Close Recorder." You can use the wpm slider to adjust the rate at which images appear.

10)Click on the "Script" tab and select "Publish" from the "Save" menu to show your movie in the Picturing the 1930s movie palace. Type a title in the dialog box and click "ok." Your movie should be in the movie palace!


A full tutorial is available on the PrimaryAccess website.