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<em>Among the Sierra Nevada, California</em>

American Landscapes
What can paintings of American landscape tell us about the American experience and geography?

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<em>Judith Langley</em>

Art and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
How do museum conservators apply science to analyze the condition of an artwork?

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Photo of museum staff conducting an “Artful Connection”

<em>Raspberry Icicle</em>

Gene Davis: My Sketchbook
How can the life and work of Gene Davis help us to understand modern art?

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<em>Bottlecap Lion</em>

How Can I Get An Idea Like That?
What can we learn about community and culture from folk art?

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<em>Radio Broadcast</em>

Podcasting with Your Students
How can a podcasting project featuring American Art engage students and improve their writing skills?

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<em>Pueblo Indian Watercolors</em>

Pueblo Indian Watercolors
What do Pueblo Indian watercolors reveal about the culture and history of Native Americans of the Southwest?

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<em>The Library</em>

See for Yourself
How can looking at artwork be a thinking exercise?

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