Teacher Guides in rtf Format

African American Artists: Education and Equity (22 MB)
How did African American artists respond to cultural and educational opportunities?

African American Artists: Masking Matters (22 MB)
How did the Harlem Renaissance influence African American artists?

African American Artists: My People, Our People (31 MB)
How can art, music, and literature combine to provide a multifaceted view of the African American experience?

African American Artists: Myth and Modern Society (23 MB)
How have contemporary African American artists incorporated classical mythology in their art?

A House Divided: Civil War Photography (117 MB)
What can photographs of the Civil War tell us about the conflict and developments in the documentation of war?

A House Divided: Reconstruction (1.68 MB)
How might history have been different if alternate plans for the Reconstruction of the South had been put into practice?

American Landscapes (4.13 MB)
What can paintings of American landscape tell us about the American experience and geography?

Art and Literature (47 MB)
How are poetry and American art interrelated?

Art and the Electromagnetic Spectrum (2.24 MB)
How do museum conservators apply science to analyze the condition of an artwork?

Arte y Cultura Latino: La tradición artística del Sudoeste (35 MB)
¿Cuáles son las influencias históricas en el desarrollo de las tradiciones artísticas del sudoeste?

Arte y Cultura Latino: El cruce de culturas y la mezcla de influencias (30 MB)
¿Cuáles son las fuentes históricas, sociales, y culturales que informan al trabajo de las artistas latinoamericano?

Arte y Cultura Latino: La nueva vida en los Estados Unidos (70 MB)
¿Cuáles son los factores históricos que influyen sobre las modalidades de migración e inmigracón a los Estados Unidos de la población de origen latinoamericano?

Arte y Cultura Latino: La expresión de cuestiones de interés social (3.06 MB)
¿Cuáles son las fuentes históricas y culturales que informan al contenido social de la obra de los artistas latinos?

George Catlin & his Indian Gallery (420 MB)
What can George Catlin's artworks and other primary sources reveal about the natives of the Great Plains and their interaction with nineteenth-century white culture?

Ekphrastic Poetry Lesson (4.91 MB)
How can an image inspire a poem?

Envisioning Manifest Destiny (3.87 MB)
What did Manifest Destiny mean to the United States? How did Native Americans and African-Americans fit into Westward Expansion?

Federalism to Jacksonian Democracy (2.45 MB)
What can American landscapes and other paintings tell us about the evolution of democracy in the United States?

Gene Davis: My Sketchbook (42 MB)
How can the life and work of Gene Davis help us to understand modern art?

How Can I Get An Idea Like That? (88 MB)
What can we learn about community and culture from folk art?

Latino Art & Culture: Artistic Tradition in the Southwest (91 MB)
What are the historical influences on the development of artistic traditions in the Southwest US?

Latino Art & Culture: Mixing Cultures and Blending Influences (9.84 MB)
What are the historical, social, and cultural sources that inform the work of Latino artists?

Latino Art & Culture: Making a New Life in the United States (3.03 MB)
How can artwork teach us about Latino culture in the United States?

Latino Art & Culture: Expressions of Social Concern (25 MB)
What are the historical and cultural sources that inform social content in Latino artworks?

Learning To Look (9.96 MB)
How can we look deeper to get more meaning out of visual images?

Posters to Go (201 MB)
What can a work of art reveal about a period of American history?

Pre-Visit Graphic Organizer: Elementary School (2.72 MB)
How can we look critically at a piece of art and use it to learn about the political, social, and geographic environment it which it was created?

Pre-Visit Graphic Organizer: Middle School (200 kb)
How can we look critically at a piece of art and use it to learn about the political, social, and geographic environment it which it was created?

Pueblo Indian Watercolors (14 MB)
What do Pueblo Indian watercolors reveal about the culture and history of Native Americans of the Southwest?

Public Sculpture: Cincinnati Gateway (22 MB)
How did the development of water transportation routes affect commerce and immigration in the United States?

Public Sculpture: Civil Rights Memorial (12 MB)
How did the civil rights movement gain momentum in the United States during the 1950s and 1960s?

Public Sculpture: Face Plate (1 MB)
How can public sculpture reflect our interdependence with nature?

Public Sculpture: Iwo Jima Memorial (35 MB)
How do memorials convey American attitudes toward wars?

Public Sculpture: Lincoln Memorial (12 MB)
How can a memorial convey the ideals of the memorialized?

Public Sculpture: Madonna of the Trail (5 MB)
What contribution did pioneer women make to life in the West?

Public Sculpture: Robert Gould Shaw Memorial (22 MB)
What contributions were made by African-American troops participating in the Civil War?

Public Sculpture: Vaquero (7 MB)
What was the Mexican contribution to the cowboy heritage?

Public Sculpture: Vietnam Veterans Memorial (30 MB)
How do war memorials reflect public opinion about wars?

Public Sculpture: Wall Cycle to Ocotillo (14 MB)
How can public sculpture enhance a community’s sense of place and identity?

Colonial Art from Puerto Rico: un folleto bilingüe (6.44 MB)
What can artwork from the Puerto Rico's colonial period tell us about the history of the island and its culture?

SOS Handbook (81 kb)
How can public sculpture help define events and concepts in history, art, science, and literature?

See for Yourself (4.26 MB)
How can looking at artwork be a thinking exercise?

Telling Stories: Norman Rockwell (63 MB)
How does Norman Rockwell tell a story in a single frame?

Norman Rockwell artworks (4.5 MB)
Artworks featured in the Telling Stories: Norman Rockwell teacher guide

The Great Depression (471 kb)
How can artwork better help us understand the American Experience during the 1930s?

The West As America (8.45 MB)
What can we learn about early American views of the frontier by looking at artwork depicting the West?

Young America: George Washington Lesson (41 MB)
What can we learn about leadership from writings about and images of George Washington?