Student Showcase

Sutherlin West Intermediate School

Sutherlin, OR

About the Student Artwork

Electronic Superhighway

Oregon State

By Mackenzie L.

With my project I wanted to focus on Oregon and its historical beauty and wildlife. I love the outdoors and animals and wanted to share it with you. Oregon has always been known for its beautiful scenery and the wildlife it contains. Oregon’s many different landscapes provide a home for an incredible array of wildlife.

The “Beaver-state” has many ways to surround oneself with its stunning beauty. From mountain ranges to deserts to lakes and ocean activities there are also a great many native animals to be found. The beaver is also the state animal. On my display are just a few of the animals from Oregon that I found interesting. I, also, have them numbered so you can find more fun facts about them in my display report.

My favorite animal of the display is the porcupine for many reasons. Some of the reasons are it looks very cute as babies, has a very cute face, and quills come in many lengths and colors. I hope Oregon will always be known for its beauty and animals, whether it’s the past, present, or future. Everyone can find something they’re looking for in Oregon: nature, wildlife, adventure, and a great education.