Student Showcase

North Broad Street School

Oneida, NY

About the Student Artwork

New York State Symbols

There are many symbols that you could use to represent New York State for the Electronic Superhighway. One good one would be the World Trade Center. The SS Remembrance is made of what’s left of the World Trade Center. There where many other things that would also be good representative for New York State. The New York Yankees is a big baseball team in New York. The crowd goes crazy every opening day. There is also the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Another good symbol could be the Statue of Liberty. It showed immigrants the sign of freedom. Back in the 1800’s the Erie Canal was a major route, to get around. New York had a natural gap in the Mohawk Valley that’s why the Erie Canal was built through there. Broadway made many famous Tony Award winners due to their plays and songs. Novella is a very popular place to go to in New York City. Lots of famous people go there to eat. The Empire State Building is the biggest building in New York, and is currently the symbol for New York on the Electronic Super Highway. Unadilla is another great symbol. Sport racing happens all day there near Cooperstown, that symbol would be nice, too. In my groups opinion we think that all of these things would be good symbols for New York State!

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