Student Showcase

Chattahoochee Valley Homeschool

Cataula, GA

About the Student Artwork

I live in Georgia. I moved here a year ago. My Dad is in the Army. We move a lot. I do not know much about Georgia, but I know enough. Georgia was the 4th state. It is the only state that begins with the letter "G". Georgia is known for its juicy peaches and its many historic places. The most historic place in Georgia is Savannah. Savannah is an old looking place, but you can learn a lot. Savannah is my favorite place because of its buildings. Its buildings are pretty. Georgia is the place where Coca-Cola was born. Atlanta has an exhibit called The World of Coca-Cola. It is a cool place where you can learn how Coke was made. You can taste the different kinds of Coke they make at Coca-Cola. If you want to see these things and experience them, come to Georgia!