For Teachers

How to Participate:

  1. Introduce your students to Nam June Paik and Electronic Superhighway. The About the Artist, About the Artwork and More from the Curator sections will help.
  2. Review the information in For Students with your class. The directions here are designed to take students through the process.
  3. Arrange students in small groups of four or five.
  4. Guide students to organize key ideas, people, places or representations of your state.
  5. Instruct the groups to think of images to illustrate each idea, fact, person, or event. Each student should be in charge of finding a way to represent at least one idea visually. He or she should be able to include a written description of the image and give a reason that it was important enough to include in the collage.
  6. Facilitate the creation of a collage by each group as a visual representation of their state. In doing so, they will have to make decisions about how to include each group member's image in the greater artwork. Remember, collages can be made from all kinds of materials and should include a variety of colors, textures, and ideas arranged in an aesthetically appealing composition. (If possible, collaborate with your art specialist for more guidance.) Students will then work in groups to write a three-sentence paragraph about each image they have chosen to use. In each paragraph, students should describe the image and how it relates to state history and explain their motivation for choosing it.
  7. Review presentations of all of the collages and written descriptions. Have each group present its project to the rest of the class.
  8. Critique each group's presentations with the Peer Critique Worksheet (PDF, 32K) together as a class.
  9. Vote as a class for the best project, using the Peer Critique Worksheet. Once the best collage has been chosen, submit the student work to the Smithsonian American Art Museum by uploading a digital image and a word document containing the writing assignment. Be sure to look at How to Take a Web-Worthy Photograph before submitting.

Download this list of activities in the Teacher Guide (PDF version, 256K)