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Jeweler Badge

Review these artworks before the museum visit. Click on the artwork title for information about the artist and the artwork.

Ramona Solberg

Polkadot Necklace No. 6 by Ramona Solberg

Joyce Scott

Necklace by Joyce Scott

Tina Fung Holder

Neckpiece 48.188 by Tina Fung Holder

Martin Douglas Kilmer

Golden Pearls of Wisdom, Fragrant Petals of Blessings Go Forth to the Four Corners of the Earth... by Martin Douglas Kilmer

Alexander Calder

Bracelet by Alexander Calder

Heinz Brummel

Baldguy and Docking Station by Heinz Brummel

Bruce Metcalf

Wood Necklace #11 by Bruce Metcalf

Unidentified Artist

Eye of a Gentleman by Unidentified

Unidentified Artist

Mourning Ring for William Burnside by Unidentified

Unidentified Artist

Portrait of a Lady by Unidentified