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That Is No Longer Our Smoke Sign, detail
Justino Herrera

This detail from the painting That Is No Longer Our Smoke Sign by Justino Herrera shows three people. Their clothing and hair suggest that two may be Native American. The books and architecture suggest that these people might be on a school campus. The posture of the woman on the right implies that something is wrong. Is this barely clothed man out of place? Without further information you might infer that the man is saying goodby to the woman as she leaves a primitive society for an education and life in a more civilized environment. What do you think is the whole story?

Perception can be influenced by stereotypes and cultural expectations. Selection of this particular detail influences the viewer to percieve a meaning that does not reflect the artist's intent.

three people
To see the entire painting learn the whole story, read an excerpt from Pueblo Indian Watercolors: Learning by Looking.

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