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Women-Girls This is a lithograph I produced in 1978. At an earlier time, this sign, or rather fragment of a sign, could be found in just about every major city in America. The words WOMEN-GIRLS would be situated on the right hand side of a larger sign for Thom McAnn shoes. MEN-BOYS would appear on the left hand side. Since my wife and I raised three daughters, I chose WOMEN-GIRLS as the more appropriate subject.

After twenty years, I've decided to do an updated version of this image, which I'm currently working on with the printers Harlan and Weaver in New York. The new print will be an etching-aquatint that will be considerably larger and more colorful than the original 1978 print.

Often, when I find an image that particularly interests me, I will return to it several times in different mediums. Women-Girls is just such an image. In 1997, I also painted a large (78 x 78 inches) oil on canvas of this subject.

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