Rolling Stock No. 8, for Jane

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Rolling Stock #8, for Jane

Rolling Stock #8

The geometrical shapes that comprise the railroad car images (brake wheels, ladders, couplings, etc.) make each Rolling Stock print an exercise in abstraction.

When I work on the canvases of this series, the image is usually painted on a sand-coated surface to achieve an industrial texture, and to suggest the weathered patina of well-traveled boxcars. Because prints in this series are, to some extent, translations of the paintings, I'll occasionally apply sand to the printing plate. When the plate is inked, the sand leaves marks suggesting a similar surface.

You may notice that, besides giving titles and numbers to each image, I've also dedicated many of the Rolling Stock images to friends and family members. This one, for instance, is for my wife, Jane. It's my way of paying homage to people I love and care about. It's also a way for me to remember which print is which, since I'm terrible at remembering numbers.

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