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Rolling Rock #7

Rolling Stock #7, for Jim

This large print (nearly six feet high) was done as part of my Rolling Stock series. I arrived at Tandem Press, the print studio in Madison, Wisconsin, with the intention of doing a smaller, more intimate print. But seeing that the huge flat bed printing press wasn't in use, I couldn't resist the temptation to produce a much larger work.

This image is approximately a 7/8 reduction of the actual section of railroad car that it depicts. A 7/8 scale is also employed on movie sets, because it creates an environment large enough to be perceived as actual size yet reduced enough to be contained by the camera. I think this reduction in scale is effective in the print medium as well. It allows for a print of generous size, but without creating an overwhelming presence. A print depicting railroad imagery in its actual size, when seen in the context of a room interior, would tend to overpower the viewer.

“Rolling stock,” by the way, is a phrase used by the railroad industry to denote all equipment on wheels.

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