Crosscurrents: Modern Art from the Sam Rose and Julie Walters Collection

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Roy Lichtenstein
oil and Magna on canvas
90 x 61 in.
© Estate of Roy Lichtenstein
In Idea, Lichtenstein incorporated subjects and notations he used throughout his career. At the left, cropped almost beyond recognition, is one of his brushstroke sculptures. A canvas on the wall is a play on the geometric paintings of Dutch modernist Piet Mondrian, and a picture of a nude reclining in a landscape echoes a motif explored by painters since the Renaissance. The benday dots and black outlines familiar from commercial illustrations intermingle with this trail of art. Above is a “picture” of the word idea framed in glittering gold. More than an image of the world or an abstract arrangement of line and color, for Lichtenstein, art is fundamentally an idea.