Curator's comments: Audio (2:00)
Chaim Gross

one of three casts by the Bedi-Rassey Foundry
Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of Mimi Gross and Red Grooms

This bronze sculpture was essentially made from a plaster cast taken from Gross's original alabaster stone carving. However, it is hardly an exact copy and has a distinctly different feeling because of the variation in materials. By working the surface of the plaster mold and/or the bronze cast itself, the polished bronze surface produces lively "reflections" in contrast to the opaque surface of the stone. The two-toned coloration, with the dark brownish hair against the golden polish of the rest of the forms, distinguishes this piece from the original version in monochromatic pink alabaster. The strong statement of the tool marks and the unfinished character of the soft stone have been exchanged for the reflective surfaces of the bronze. Like Constantin Brancusi, a sculptor Gross admired, he explored the expressive nature of the same form in different materials.

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