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Ansel Adams North Dome, Basket Dome, Mount Hoffman, Yosemite
Thomas Anshutz Boys with a Boat, Ohio River, Near Wheeling, West Virginia
George Barker Niagara in Summer, from Below
George Barker The Falls in Winter
George N. Barnard Bonaventure, Savannah, Georgia
George N. Barnard The "Hell Hole," New Hope Church, Georgia
William Bell Canyon of Kanab Wash, Colorado River, Looking South
William Bell General H. A. Barnum, Recovery After a Penetrating Gunshot Wound . . .
William Bell Grand Canyon, Colorado River, near Paria Creek, Looking West
William Bell Heads and Fragments of Heads of Humeri . . .
William Bell Looking South into the Grand Canyon, Colorado River, Sheavwitz Crossing
William Bell Perched Rock, Rocker Creek, Arizona
William Bell Pvt. Charles Myer, Amputation of the Right Thigh
Charles Bierstadt The Rapids, Below the Suspension Bridge
Albert Bisbee Child on a Rocking Horse
Elias A. Bonine Maricopa Indian, Arizona
Henry Bosse Mouth of the St. Croix River from the series Upper Mississippi River
Brady Studio The Sick Soldier
Brady Studio Photographer: Alexander Gardner Mr. Wilkeson
Anne W. Brigman The Dying Cedar
John G. Bullock Marjorie in the Garden
John Chislett Pond in the Fog
John Chislett Woodland Stream, Winter
Churchill and Denison Studio (attributed to) Group at the Sanitary Commission Fair, Albany
William L. Cullen Four Portraits of a Man in Different Headgear
Imogen Cunningham possibly with Roi Partridge Self-Portrait
Dwight A. Davis A Quiet Pool (Early Evening)
E. E. Dickinson Group Portrait at a Patriotic Celebration
John L. Dunmore and George Critcherson Hunting by Steam in Melville Bay...
John L. Dunmore and George Critcherson The Glacier as Seen Flowing
Rudolf Eickemeyer, Jr. Under the Greenwood Tree
O. D. Finch Bivouac of the 45th Illinois near the Shirley House
James Ford, possibly Carleton E. Watkins San Francisco, Corner of California and Montgomery Streets
J. R. Foster Ruins of the Charleston Lighthouse, Morris Island, South Carolina
Egbert Guy Fowx New York 7th Regiment Officers
Alexander Gardner Burnside Bridge, Across Antietam Creek, Maryland
Laura Gilpin Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs
Forman Hanna Cloud Study
Forman Hanna Pueblo Scene
O. Pierre Havens Bonaventure, Savannah, Georgia
Paul Burty Haviland Portrait of a Man
Paul Burty Haviland Two Sisters
Frank Jay Haynes East Entrance, Jefferson Canyon
Frank Jay Haynes Gloster Mill, 60 Stamps, 24 Pans, 12 Settlers
Frank Jay Haynes Lone Star Geyser Cone, Yellowstone National Park
Alex Hesler Falls of Minnehaha, Minnesota
John K. Hillers Hedipa, a Navajo Woman
John K. Hillers Hopi Mesa
Lewis Hine Biloxi, Mississippi
Lewis Hine Handyman in Washington, DC
Lewis Hine Little Orphan Annie in a Pittsburgh Institution
Caleb Lysander Howe Blake Block, Brattleboro, Vermont, After the Fire
William H. Jackson Currecanti Needle, Black Canyon of the Gunnison
William H. Jackson (attributed to) for the Detroit Photo Company Entrance to the Highlands, Hudson River
William H. Jackson Grand Canyon of the Colorado
Bertha Jaques Dandelion Seeds, Taraxacium officinale
Bertha Jaques Lavender, Lavendula labiatae
Bertha Jaques Milkweed Pods, Asclepias cornuti
Jones and Brother A Baby
Gertrude Kasebier The Garden Party
Gertrude Kasebier The Manger
Joseph T. Keiley Mercedes de Cordoba
Joseph T. Keiley Scene in a Garden
John Frank Keith Baby on a Stoop, Kensington, Philadelphia
John Frank Keith Boys on Steps, Kensington, Philadelphia
John Frank Keith Two Girls on a Stoop, Kensington, Philadelphia
Kellogg Brothers Engine of the USS Kearsarge
Langill & Darling Johnstown Flood, General View looking South
William H. Martin Riding a Giant Corncob to Market
Samuel Masury Looking Outward from the Barn, Loring Estate, Beverly Farms, Massachusetts
James McClees Jefferson's House, Philadelphia
James McClees The Waterworks, Fairmount, Philadelphia
Charles L. Mitchell Crawford Notch, White Mountains
Charles L. Mitchell The Pool, White Mountains
Charles L. Mitchell Walkway through a Gorge, White Mountains
Henry P. Moore (attributed to) Long Dock at Hilton Head, Port Royal, South Carolina
John Moran Tropical Scenery: The Terminus of the Proposed Canal--Limon Bay
William James Mullins Ploughman in Landscape
William James Mullins Trees Reflected in a Pond, Twilight
Eadweard Muybridge Evening Recreations of the Coffee Pickers, San Isidro
Eadweard Muybridge Valley of the Yosemite from Union Point
Robert Newell Clarence Howard Clark Estate
Timothy O'Sullivan Austin, Nevada
Timothy O'Sullivan Black Canyon, Colorado River, from Camp 8, Looking Above
Timothy O'Sullivan Canyon de Chelle, Walls of the Grand Canyon About 1200 Feet in Height
Timothy O'Sullivan Exterior of Fort Fisher, North Carolina
Timothy O'Sullivan Historic Spanish Record of the Conquest, South Side of Inscription Rock, New Mexico, No. 3
Timothy O'Sullivan Quarters of Men in Fort Sedgwick, Known as Fort Hell
Timothy O'Sullivan Rock Carved by Drifting Sand, below Fortification Rock, Arizona
Timothy O'Sullivan Shoshone Falls, Snake River, Idaho, View Across the Top of the Falls
Timothy O'Sullivan Tufa Domes, Pyramid Lake, Nevada
Timothy O'Sullivan View on Apache Lake, Sierra Blanca Range, Arizona, with Two Apache Scouts in Foreground
Gotthelf Pach Views of Charlestown, New Hampshire
William B. Post Apple Trees in Blossom
William B. Post Path in the Snow
William H. Rau Cathedral Rocks, Susquehanna River near Meghoppen
William H. Rau Seneca Lake and Watkins Glen
William H. Rau Towanda from Table Rock
William H. Rau, Publisher: William H. Rau Sampson's Fleet, A Gunner of the "Iowa,"
John Reekie Ruins of Gaines' Mill, Virginia
Isaac A. Rehn (attributed to) Lygodium Icandeus
James Bartlett Rich In the Pumpkin Field at Lewes (The Photographer's Wife, His Daughter, and Friends)
James Bartlett Rich Winter Scene in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia
Frank A. Rinehart Buried Far Away, Cocapah
Frank A. Rinehart, possibly Adolf F. Muhr In Winter, Kiowa
Andrew Joseph Russell Sphinx of the Valley
Andrew Joseph Russell Weber from One Thousand Feet Elevation
Lewis Morris Rutherfurd Mary Pierrepont on Silvertail, with Rutherfurd Stuyvesant and Dog
Samuel W. Sawyer River Drivers, Maine
George Seeley Still Life with Vase and Apples
Clara Estelle Sipprell Lucy Sipprell
Stadler Photographing Company Babies Lawn Caps
Edward Steichen Jean Walker Simpson
Seneca Ray Stoddard Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
Seneca Ray Stoddard The Antlers, Open Camp, Raquette Lake
William Stroud Sarah Howard
Louis Comfort Tiffany Fishermen Unloading a Boat, Sea Bright, New Jersey
Doris Ulmann Corn Shocks and Sky
Doris Ulmann Man Leaning against a Wall
Doris Ulmann Woman on a Porch
William Lyman Underwood Joe Mell, Asleep in His Canoe
Underwood & Underwood, Publisher: Underwood & Underwood Evolution of the sickle and flail--33-horse team combined Harvester--Walla Walla, Washington
Unidentified Artist Artists's Excursion, Sir John's Run, Berkeley Springs
Unidentified Artist Baby in a Chair
Unidentified Artist Barge
Unidentified Artist Beatrice Thom on Tree, Haddonfield, New Jersey
Unidentified Artist Blake Block, Brattleboro, Vermont
Unidentified Artist Caroline Greig and Sister Julia
Unidentified Artist Delivery Vehicles and Staff of the Fame Laundry Company
Unidentified Artist Dentist
Unidentified Artist Disadvantages of a Trestle
Unidentified Artist Echo Lake, North Conway, Franconia, White Mountains
Unidentified Artist Editor
Unidentified Artist Folk Artist with Carved Wooden Chain
Unidentified Artist "Forty-niner," Street Advertiser in Studio, San Francisco
Unidentified Artist Harlem River
Unidentified Artist House with White Fence and Trees
Unidentified Artist Mother and Son
Unidentified Artist Niagara Panorama, Summer
Unidentified Artist Night-Blooming Cereus, Closed after Blooming
Unidentified Artist Night-Blooming Cereus in Bloom
Unidentified Artist Pennsylvania Railroad Locomotive at Altoona Repair Facility
Unidentified Artist rafting Party
Unidentified Artist Seneca Falls, New York (downstream)
Unidentified Artist Seneca Falls, New York (upstream)
Unidentified Artist Square House, Man, Child, and Dog on Lawn
Unidentified Artist Still Life with Pumpkin, Book, and Sweet Potato
Unidentified Artist The Grape-Vine Swing
Unidentified Artist The "Ohio Star" Buggy
Unidentified Artist Three Friends in a Field
Unidentified Artist Two Workmen Polishing a Stove
Unidentified Artist View at Gervanda Looking Downstream from the Bridge
Unidentified Artist View of a Stream with Figures
Unidentified Artist Wilderness Battlefield
Unidentified Artist Young Boy
Unidentified Artist Young Girl
Unidentified Artist Young Man Looking at Daguerreotype
Julian Vannerson Shining Metal
Adam Clark Vroman Around Moki Towns, The Tewa Trail
Adam Clark Vroman Around Zuni, From Northeast of Pueblo "99"
George Kendall Warren Campus Buildings, Williams College, Massachusetts
Carleton E. Watkins Cascade, Nevada Falls, Yosemite, California
Carleton E. Watkins Union Diggings, Columbia Hill, Nevada
Carleton E. Watkins Witches Rock near Echo City, Utah
Carleton E. Watkins/I. W. Taber & Co. The Grizzly Giant, Mariposa Grove, Yosemite
Carleton E. Watkins/I. W. Taber & Co. The Three Brothers, Yosemite
Carleton E. Watkins/I. W. Taber & Co. Yosemite Falls
Anna K. Weaver No Cross, No Crown
CHARLES LEANDER WEED Mirror Lake and Reflections, Yosemite Valley, Mariposa County, California
John Adams Whipple (attributed to) House of General Washington, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Clarence H. White Clarence H. White, Jr.
Clarence H. White Rest Hour (Columbia Teacher's College)
Franklin White Trapped Boulder, White Mountains
Joel E. Whitney, Charles A. Zimmerman Falls of Minnehaha in Winter
Williams Studio A Group of Chairs, Haverhill, Massachusetts
Zintmaster Studio Flood, Herkimer, New York

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