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Merry A. Foresta, curator of American Photographs: The First Century, discusses specific images in depth. Click on either the image or the title to go to that respective tour. You can play these tours by clicking on the Audio (ra) link.

John L. Dunmore and George Critcherson
Hunting by Steam in Melville Bay...

"Consider the contradiction in this photograph..."

Unidentified Artist
Artist's Excursion, Sir John's Run, Berkeley Springs

"For the first time in our history we had the great embodiment of utilitarianism extending the hands to the votaries of the beautiful."

Gertrude Kasebier
The Garden Party

"The Garden Party is a portrait not only of her children but perhaps the photographer herself."

Churchill and Denison Studios (attributed to)
Group at the Sanitary Commission Fair, Albany

"The young women suggest a new style of feminine fortitude in the face of war."

Unidentified Artist
Two Workmen Polishing a Stove

"Photography's ability to record the unseen as well as the unforseen, its peculiar association with reality and its remarkable ability to transfer information, distinguish the medium at the moment of its invention and remains captivating even today."

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