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George N. Barnard
The "Hell Hole," New Hope Church, Georgia
Audio 19:53
William Bell
General H. A. Barnum, Recovery After a Penetrating Gunshot Wound...
Audio 10:53
William Bell
Grand Canon, Colorado River, near Paria Creek, Looking West
Audio 21:58
Churchill and Denison Studio (attributed to)
Group at the Sanitary Commission Fair, Albany
Audio 7:22
James Ford, possibly Carleton E. Watkins
San Francisco, Corner of California and Montgomery Streets
Audio 19:38
John K. Hillers
Hopi Mesa
Audio 13:33
Timothy O'Sullivan
Canon de Chelle, Walls of the Grand Canon About 1200 Feet in Height
Audio 24:41
Frank A. Rinehart, possibly Adolf F. Muhr
Buried Far Away, Cocapah
Audio 13:33
Unidentified Artist
Still Life with Pumpkin, Book, and Sweet Potato
Audio 13:54

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