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George Barker,
Niagara in Summer, from Below

Jeremy Adamson
"Niagara Falls was a mecca for tourism in the 1850s."
Audio 3:30

Charles Bierstadt,
The Rapids, Below the Suspension Bridge

Bill Worthington
"Then you drive onto the suspension bridge and divide your misery between the chances of smashing down 200 feet below into the river and having the railroad above smash down on you."
--Mark Twain
Audio 2:00

Tom Southall
"Bierstadt printed from several negatives, as you cannot get this view from anywere IRL."
Audio 2:17

Anne W. Brigman,
The Dying Cedar

Therese Heyman
"Some photographs have a mystery story hidden within them. Anne's photograph of a dying cedar is a wonderful combination of the figure, almost nude, and this complicated divine looking tree."
Audio 1:30

John Chislett,
Pond in the Fog

Richard Murray
"It was very much a part of 19th-century thinking that the object or subject should be indistinct so that the actual work of art existed in the mind of the viewer."
Audio 2:19

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