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Richard Arentz Cumberland Gap
Barbara Bosworth National Champion American Beech, Ashtabula County, Ohio
Barbara Bosworth National Champion Sycamore, Clarence Briggs Farm, Ohio
Barbara Bosworth Niagara Falls
Drex Brooks Sweet Medicine: Council Grounds of the Great Treaty at Horse Creek, Nebraska
Lois Conner Central Park, New York City
Lois Conner St. George's Hotel, Brooklyn, New York
Gregory Conniff Oneonta, NY; Freckelton/Beal Garden
Linda Connor Lightning Nevada
Robert Dawson Polluted New River, Calexico, California
Robert Dawson Silverton, Colorado
Terry Evans Konza Prairie
Terry Evans Melvern Lake, April 1981
Terry Evans Sage and Scribner's Panic Grass, Fent's Prairie
Terry Evans Smoky Hill Bombing Range Target , Tires
Terry Evans Solomon River Oxbow
Gus Foster Cut Wheat
Peter Goin In 1907, by Proclamation of President Roosevelt, all federal lands in California, Arizona, and New Mexico within 60 feet of the border line were set apart as a public reservation. Although this frontier is occasionally usurped by ranchers and farmers or for urban development, it represents the formal establishment of a "no-man's land" along the entire length of the Mexican-American border. In principle, this zone provides easy access for monument maintenance; in areas like this near Tecate, it also provides a convienent and expanded fire break. The view is looking east toward Monument No. 244.
Peter Goin The Amistad Reservoir was created by mutual international agreement, flooding a large land area. The original Rio Grande channel was preserved as the permanent border line through the reservoir. Below the Amistad Dam, the water is free of silt and mud and is exceptionally clear. Most of the property in the area is used for recreation, including this screened, river-front picnic area near Del Rio.
Karen Halverson Death Valley, California
Allen Hess Cypress Logging Slough and Boat, Louisiana
Allen Hess Oak Alley Plantation, River Road, Louisiana
Allen Hess railroad Ferry Incline, Mississippi River, Low Water July 1988 Ste. Genevieve, Missouri
Len Jenshel Gouldings Lodge, Monument Valley, Utah
Joe Maloney Dark Eddy, Delaware River
Skeet McAuley Alaska Pipeline
Roger Mertin View Looking Southwest, Ellis Island #3
Richard Misrach Bomb, Destroyed Vehicle and Lone Rock
Kenda North Untitled (Marks on the Landscape Series)
Kenda North Untitled (Marks on the Landscape Series)--Daisy Bush Spiral
Kenda North Untitled -- Purple Flowers
Kenda North Untitled--Yellow Ocotillo
Meridel Rubenstein Untitled (Good Luck)
Larry Schwarm Near Cottonwood Falls, Kansas
Jim Stone Desert Home: Ferguson Lake, Arizona


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