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Graphic Masters Image Index

1. Robert Arneson
Feeling Pushed

2. Edward Mitchell Bannister
Landscape with Path through Forest

3. Will Barnet
Study for Self-Portrait

4. Jennifer Bartlett
Study for Swimmers Atlanta: Seaweed

5. Jennifer Bartlett
Study for Swimmers Atlanta: Flare

6. Jennifer Bartlett
Study for Swimmers Atlanta: Rock

7. Mel Bochner
Skeleton (Skew)

8. Carolyn Brady
August Breakfast/Maine

9. Romaine Brooks

10. Romaine Brooks
It Makes the Dead Sing

11. Charles Burchfield
Lightning and Thunder at Night

12. Charles Burchfield
Orion in December

13. Paul Cadmus
Male Nude (#179)

14. Paul Cadmus
Preliminary sketch for Subway Symphony

15. William Merritt Chase
Terrace, Prospect Park

16. John Steuart Curry
Our Good Earth

17. John Steuart Curry

18. Stuart Davis

19. Stuart Davis
Impression of the New York World's Fair (mural study, Communications Building, World's Fair, Flushing, New York)

20. Roy De Forest
Drawing XVII

21. Willem de Kooning

22. Dorothy Dehner
The People in the Story; Bolton Landing

23. Thomas Wilmer Dewing
Lady in White

24. Thomas Wilmer Dewing
Walt Whitman

25. April Gornik
Storm and Fires

26. Morris Graves
Folded Wings—Memory—& the Moon Weeping

27. Philip Guston

28. Marsden Hartley

29. Childe Hassam
Appledore No. 2

30. Childe Hassam
Lillie (Lillie Langtry)

31. Childe Hassam
Thaxter's Garden

32. Childe Hassam
Up the River, Late Afternoon, October

33. Victor Higgins
Arroyo Landscape

34. Winslow Homer
Bear Hunting, Prospect Rock

35. Edward Hopper
White River at Sharon

36. Bill Jensen
Drawing for Legion

37. Luis Jimenez

38. William H. Johnson
Ezekiel Saw the Wheel

39. William H. Johnson
Going Out

40. William H. Johnson
Lunchtime Rest

41. William H. Johnson
Station Stop, Red Cross Ambulance

42. Raymond Jonson
Monument to Sound

43. John Frederick Kensett
Standing Artist

44. John La Farge
Water Lily in Sunlight

45. Robert Laurent
Sleeping Dog

46. Louis Lozowick

47. Louis Lozowick
Stage Setting for "Gas"

48. Man Ray
Landscape (Paysage Fauve)

49. John Marin
The Sea, Maine

50. G. Daniel Massad
Night Piece

51. Peter Milton

52. Thomas Moran
Above Tower Falls, Yellowstone

53. Thomas Moran
Excelsior Geyser, Yellowstone Park

54. Thomas Moran
Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone

55. Thomas Moran
Shin-Au-Av-Tu-Weap (God Land), Cañon of the Colorado. Utah Ter.

56. Gladys Nilsson
Arytystic Pairanoiya

57. Alfonso Ossorio
Double Portrait

58. Maxfield Parrish
"Lusisti Satis"...Finally we found ourselves sitting silent on an upturned wheelbarrow,...etc."

59. Maxfield Parrish
"What they talked about"—"They make me walk behind, 'cos they say I'm too little, and musn't hear..."

60. Theodore Roszak
The Great Moth

61. Charles Seliger

62. Everett Shinn
Eviction (Lower East Side)

63. David Smith

64. Saul Steinberg
Still Life with Cat

65. Joseph Stella
Flower Study

66. Joseph Stella
Portrait of Clara Fasano

67. Henry Ossawa Tanner
Study for Rachel from The Mothers of the Bible

68. Dorothea Tanning
On Fire

69. Masami Teraoka
Oiran and Mirror, from the AIDS Series

70. Abbott Handerson Thayer
Head of Mary B. Thayer

71. Wayne Thiebaud
Neapolitan Meringue

72. Wayne Thiebaud

73. Mark Tobey

74. John Henry Twachtman
Haystacks at Edge of Woods

75. Elihu Vedder
(Illustration for Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám) The Cup of Death

76. Elihu Vedder
(Illustration for Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám) Youth and Age

77. Max Weber
Foundry in Baltimore

78. William T. Wiley
Portrait of Radon

79. Andrew Wyeth
November First

80. Marguerite Zorach
Zoltan Hecht

81. William Zorach
The White Mountains, Randolph, N. H.