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Masters of Their Craft Image Index

1. Abrasha
Hanukkah Menorah

2. Hank Murta Adams

3. Mary Adams
Wedding Cake Basket

4. Renie Breskin Adams
Fear, Laughter and the Unknown

5. Robert Arneson
Breast Trophy

6. Ralph Bacerra

7. Brother Thomas Bezanson
Large Vase

8. Joanne Segal Brandford

9. John Cederquist
Ghost Boy

10. Dale Chihuly
Cobalt and Gold Leaf Venetian

11. Dale Chihuly
Emerald Green Blanket Cylinder with Cerulean Blue Drawing

12. Margret Craver

13. Richard DeVore
Untitled Vessel (#403)

14. Fritz Dreisbach
Ruby Wet Foot Mongo with Kissing Serpents and Lily Pad

15. Michael Frimkess
Ecology Krater II (Out Biking with Aunt Samantha)

16. Myra Mimlitsch Gray
Sugar Bowl and Creamer III

17. Françoise Grossen

18. William Harper
Self-Portrait of the Artist as a Haruspex

19. Wayne Higby
Temple's Gate Pass

20. Eric Hilton

21. Michelle Holzapfel
Bound Vase

22. Mary Lee Hu
Choker (#38)

23. William Hunter
Cuzco Moon

24. Mary A. Jackson
Low Basket with Handle

25. Michael James
Quilt #150: Rehoboth Meander

26. Sam Maloof

27. Dante Marioni
Red Group

28. Richard Marquis
Teapot Goblets

29. Richard Mawdsley
Feast Bracelet

30. Judy Kensley McKie
Monkey Settee

31. John McQueen
Untitled #192

32. George Nakashima
Conoid Bench

33. Albert Paley

34. Yvonne Porcella

35. James Prestini

36. Ken Price
Blue Pearl

37. John Prip

38. Kent Raible
Floating City

39. Ed Rossbach
San Blas

40. Cynthia Schira

41. Heikki Seppä
Lupin Wedding Crown

42. Robert Sperry
Plate #753

43. Therman Statom
Arabian Seasons

44. Bob Stocksdale

45. Valeri Timofeev

46. Peter Voulkos
Rocking Pot

47. Beatrice Wood
Tides in a Man's Life

48. Betty Woodman
Kimono Vases: Evening

49. Rick Wrigley
The Rick Wrigley Renwick Cabinet