An Edward Hopper Scrapbook

3 Washington Square, New York 3, N.Y.
Dec. 14, '54

Dear Guy:

Merry Christmas yourself and Yvonne also. We were very pleased to hear from you and think your Christmas Card is a nice drawing, but I don't see how Yvonne's pupils could have seen so many of the famous monuments of Paris from one balcony. I can see the Eiffel Tower, the dome of Napoleon's Tomb, a church that might be Saint Sulpice or Sainte Eustache, the Grand Palais, Sacré Coeur, the Pantheon, and in the middle foreground, what looks like the Louvre and the Tuilleries Gardens.

I remember Sacré Coeur hanging like a mirage in the sky as I turned the corner from the Rue de Lille and looked up the Rue de Bac across the river toward Montmartre. It seems to be in the wrong place in the drawing. But perhaps I've forgotten the plan of Paris after so many years.

It's hard for an American to get used to Paris weather—the low clouds and the rain. "Showers are still probable" used to be the daily weather report when I was there in summer. I never got used to it.

I enclosed a clipping on [Reginald] Marsh. You no doubt have heard of his death. It seems odd that one built like a bull should go so soon. A simple nice boy. . . .

We should like very much to have you back here again, and perhaps you will come some day. At any rate write again and more about Paris.

We send our best to you both.
E. Hopper

Guy Pène du Bois Papers, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.