An Edward Hopper Scrapbook

Santa Fe, July 27th, 1925

Dear Mother:

I want to thank you for the birthday card and to thank Marion [Edward's sister] for hers too. But please don't send me a present. Spend the money on yourself. And then you know I have two good belts already.

Jo and I and some others took a twenty-five mile horseback ride through the mountains yesterday. It being only the fifth time I had ridden I thought much more about the hard saddle than I did of the mountains, but they seemed fine when I could look at them. Jo is all hardened now and prefers a saddle to a plush rocker.

These horses are not drawn to scale but pretty near it. Snow fell on one of the peaks here Sunday a week ago. Expect you could use some. Hope you are feeling a lot better.

Give my regards to Marion.

Yours with love,


Collection of Rev. Arthayer Sanborn.