An Edward Hopper Scrapbook

42 Middle St, Gloucester, Mass.

September 15, 26

My dear Rehn:

I am sending you tomorrow or Friday 6 of the best watercolors by American Railway Express. They are as follows:—

     "Bow of Beam Trawler Widgeon"
     "Bow of Beam Trawler Teale"
     "Deck of Beam Trawler Osprey"
     "Talbot's House"
     "Anderson's House"
     "Lime Rock Quarry No. 2"

The exterior measurement of the frames should be 21 ½ by 27 ½ inches.

The frame to be ¾ inch plain white like those of mine you have in the gallery.

The mat that I use is a white heavy paper called "BUCKEYE COVER" and I use the heaviest grade of it. It can be had at the Henry Lindenmeyer Co. of 32 Bleecker St. My framer is PLOHN on 8th St. between 5th Ave. and University Place on south side of street and he has been making frame, glass and backing without mat for $2.35. If he makes the mats and frames the pictures it should not cost much more than that. The woman at the desk is a much better one to see than PLOHN. Her name is either BLISS or BISSELL, I don't know which. I think she will give you a better rate than her boss, and she remembers my frames.

If Clancy could get the BUCKEYE COVER from LINDENMEYER (6 sheets of it) and take it to PLOHN to cut, then they would be uniform with all the others. I should like very much to have these mats but if it can't be done tell Plohn to put on a thin white mat, and not to glue watercolors to mat or backing but to use stickers on back of picture.

You had better tell Miss Bliss that the frames are for me to let her know that you know what has been charged before. I am sorry to give such lengthy directions but I should like all my frames to be uniform if possible. I am working on my first canvas still and can't tell what it's going to be like. Have also made another pretty good watercolor.

We were sorry you had to go back to New York so soon.

Let me know when you receive the water colors and give our regards to Mrs. Rehn.

Sincerely yours,

Edward Hopper

Hopper to Frank Rehn (15 September 1926). Rehn Gallery Papers, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.