An Edward Hopper Scrapbook

Exhibition by Edward Hopper

Jan. 21 to Feb. 2, 1929

At the Galleries of
Frank K. M. Rehn
693 Fifth Avenue
Between 54 and 55 Streets

Text inside brochure:


  1.  House by a Railroad
         Loaned by Mr. Stephen Clark

  2.  Williamsburg Bridge
         Loaned Anonymously

  3.  Blackwell's Island

  4.  Captain Ed Staples

  5.  Drug Store
         Loaned by Mr. John T. Spaulding

  6.  Captain Upton's House

  7.  Lighthouse Hill
         Loaned by Mr. & Mrs. Lesley G. Sheafer

  8.  Manhattan Bridge Loop
         Loaned by Mr. Stephen C. Clark

  9.  Hodgkins House
         Loaned by Mr. & Mrs. John S. Sheppard

  10.  Cape Ann Granite

  11.  Night Windows

  12.  Freight Cars at Gloucester
         Loaned by Mr. Edward W. Root


  1.  My Roof
         Loaned by D. & Mrs. H. H. M. Lyle

  2.  Gloucester
         Loaned by Mrs. John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

  3.  Back Street, Gloucester
         Loaned by Mr. Stephen C. Clark

  4.  Marty Welch's House
         Loaned Anonymously

  5.  Cape Ann Pasture
         Loaned by Mr. Stephen C. Clark

  6.  Adam's House
         Loaned Anonymously

  7.  Rock Pedestal
         Loaned Anonymously

  8.  Abbott's House

  9.  Gloucester Roofs
         Loaned by Mr. Edward W. Root

  10.  Railroad Crossing

Group of Drawings

Rehn Gallery Papers, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.