An Edward Hopper Scrapbook

3 Washington Square North
New York
Jan 22, 1929

My dear Watson:

If you are ever in the vicinity of 44th Street and Sixth Ave. I wish that you would look at a picture that I ran across in a little jewelers shop on 44th Street on the downtown side a few doors west from Sixth Avenue. I discovered it by accident upon looking in the window of the shop. It is American of the eighteen thirtys I should say. A portrait of three children done with a simplicity and honesty that is striking, very large in its values and unaffected in design. It is not at all naive but done with experience and understanding. I think it quite a fine thing.

The owner of the shop does not know the painter and says he bought it from an estate.

I do not know why I write you this except that I should like others to enjoy what is to me a quite unusual discovery.

Very sincerely yours,

Edward Hopper

It is a large canvas with life size figures.

Forbes Watson Papers, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.