An Edward Hopper Scrapbook

June 7 no 8

My Dears—

We sure do miss you here, breakfasting alone with no young captain to tell us most interesting things and Catherine to relate details of life in Abilene.…

We came down here in our old Buick. Neither it, nor its daddy stand heat at all well. So when we got to Monterrey, E would go out to Saltillo to rest up & cool off. Its so nice & cool at the Arizpe which is fortunate, because [once we] arrived here, we couldn't get gas to leave. The papers in N. Y. C. didn't tell that there is a gas shortage in Mexico. We hear now that it can be had (by tourists) all along the main road to Mex. City, but Saltillo is off the main highway. We have at least acquired a full tank. Now E is afraid to use it running around here, because he wants to make sure of a return to Laredo. And we had Oaxaca in mind when we left N. Y. Been here three weeks at the Arizpe—E doing 3 watercolors & I a 29 x 36 canvas from [undeciphered]. But no knowing how long we'll stay but E rather fed up with Mexico. I'm so glad of the change. Cute if the 4 of you should turn up—but I can't urge if only remember so pleasantly.

Jo Hopper

Jo Hopper to Catherine Campbell [7 June 1946], Catherine H. Campbell Papers, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.