An Edward Hopper Scrapbook

Huntington Hartford Foundation
2000 Rustic Canyon Road
Pacific Palisades, California
Dec. 15, '56

Dear John [Clancy]:

We have ended up in this place, and it is a very comfortable place to be. Good food here and good places to live in.

I do not know how long we shall stay but it is so easy living here that it will be hard to break away.

Have you heard anything about the Blanchard pictures—I hope they will not come up at auction.

Jo talked to Alex Eliot on "Time" this morning on the phone, and it looks as if the article would be postponed again.

Let me hear from you soon.

Yours as ever,

E. Hopper

Edward Hopper to John Clancy. Rehn Gallery Papers, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.