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To enjoy this virtual tour at its best, we suggest that you set the following preferences:

Fonts & Browser Settings


Netscape (Options Menu:General Preferences: Fonts)
proportional font = 10
fixed font = 9
Explorer (Views Menu:Text Size:Medium)
Netscape (Options Menu:General Preferences: Fonts)
proportional font = 14
fixed font = 12
Explorer (Views Menu:Text Size:Medium)
If your monitor is 15" or smaller, we recommend:

Options Menu: General Preferences: Appearance -- set your toolbar buttons' appearance to "Text"

Options Menu: uncheck "Show Directory Buttons" -- if you need even more viewing area you can also uncheck "Show Location" and "Show Toolbar"
Views Menu, uncheck "Address Bar" and "Status Bar"

The following browsers and helper applications will allow you to get the most from this site:


Please use either Netscape Navigator (version 2.02 or higher) or Microsoft Explorer (version 2.1 or higher). You can find the latest versions at Netscape's or Microsoft's site, where you can select the appropriate download for your machine and operating system.


This site offers audio in Audio format. The appropriate Audio player for your computer and operating system can be obtained from the Audio's site.

Video and QuickTime VR

The American Kaleidoscope tour includes video clips and QuickTime VR (Virtual Reality) panoramas. QuickTime VR panoramas display a navigable view of the actual exhibition installation -- you can click and drag inside the panorama window to move the view to the left or right, and use the control and alt (option on Macs) keys to zoom in and out. In order to view these panoramas, you must install QuickTime and the QuickTime VR Player, or the QuickTime VR Component plug-in (for version 3.0 of Netscape only). You can obtain QuickTime at Apple's QuickTime site and the VR Player at Apple's QuickTime VR site. At both sites you can download and install the versions appropriate for either Macintosh or Windows.