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Maloof in Action: Videos of Sam Maloof

From the Renwick Gallery's exhibition The Furniture of Sam Maloof. (Requires Quicktime Plugin)

Family (1:41, 1.4 MB)
Home (1:27, 1.2 MB)
On Joineryempty space(1:05, 984 K)
Later Work (2:10, 1.9 MB)

©2001 Smithsonian American
Art Museum

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Segment of the August 2000 episode of The American Woodshop. (Requires Quicktime Plugin)

Part 1 (3:48, 3.3 MB)
Part 2 (4:16, 3.7 MB)
Part 3 (2:02, 1.7 MB)

©2000 The American Woodshop