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Maloof on Maloof: Quotations and Works of Sam Maloof

Sam MaloofSam Maloof, born in 1916, is America's most widely admired contemporary furniture craftsman. Maloof, entirely self-taught, is one of only a handful of furniture designer-craftsmen to make his livelihood through working full time with his hands. Although his furniture has a sculptural quality and has been exhibited in major museums, he doesn't consider himself an artist, but rather a woodworker, and lets it go at that.

Maloof's distinctive furniture style has developed slowly and steadily over decades. New designs evolve from existing ones. As a result, his furniture has a timeless, classic look, its form directly related to its intended function. Evolution, not revolution, is the hallmark of his style.

As beautiful as it appears, a Maloof rocking chair is remarkably comfortable. Art at the service of utility is the essence of Maloof's philosophy of design. It is a motto that has sustained a tradition of fine craftsmanship.