About Meet Me at Midnight

Site Credits

The Smithsonian American Art Museum gratefully acknowledges the generous support provided by the Smithsonian Institution Women’s Committee for the creation of this Web site. 

To develop Meet Me at Midnight, we drew upon the valuable expertise and assistance of many people.

Producer, Web site Design and Programming

Bean Creative Funktional Web Design

Layla Masri, President
Keith Soares, Vice President
Amy Warnke, Project Director
Bill Setzer, Director of Design and Development
Stuart Pham, Director of Programming
Emily Grossman, Senior Programmer
Nathan Cross, Web Developer

Smithsonian American Art Museum

Tiffany Farrell, Editor
Sara Beyer, Associate Editor
Theresa Slowik, Chief of Publications
Jessie Lewis, New Media Intern
Cassandra Good, New Media Content Producer
Joanna Champagne, Head of New Media Initiatives
Michael Edson, Chief of Information Technology
Eleanor Harvey, Chief Curator

Content Development and Writing

Keith Soares, Bean Creative
Tiffany Farrell, Smithsonian American Art Museum

Advisors and Testers

Sherrill Neale, Technology Resource Teacher, Charles Barrett Elementary School, Alexandria City, Virginia

Joy Wolfe and her fourth-grade students, Center for the Highly Gifted, Pine Crest Elementary School, Montgomery County, Maryland

Marce Miller and her fourth-grade art students, Stafford Elementary School, Stafford County, Virginia