Parents and Educators Guide

Visit American Art or Another Art Museum

Check out the Kids Activity Guide for information on visiting American Art online or in person!

When you head out to an art gallery or museum, take some hints from Meet Me at Midnight. Like our characters, check out the labels—usually placed on the wall or floor near the works. Labels tell you the artwork title, the artist name, and the year he or she made it. Sometimes they list the media and techniques an artist used. As in Meet Me at Midnight, labels can provide clues about the artist's process and intention.

Feel free to talk about various artworks on display with your child. Reinforce terms and concepts used in this Web site, such as media, technique, color, design, balance, rhythm, unity, purpose, and culture. Is the artwork a painting? a photograph? Does the work show a place? If so, is it a landscape or cityscape? Is the artwork a sculpture? If so, can you tell how it might have been made? Does it look like it was carved? or might it have been made by adding material?

Whatever you do, look carefully at the artworks and enjoy them! Please remind kids not to touch the pieces because our hands have oils that can cause damage.