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Harry Bertoia

The Bathers
Albert Sterner

Before the Bath
Ruth Weisberg

Cambridge Series All
Idelle Weber

Circus Band
Maurice Brazil Prendergast

Mervin Jules

Edwin Dickinson
Joyce Treiman

Life is a Dream, Then You Wake Up
Enrique Chagoya

London Site 6
Nathan Oliveira

Mill Pond
Albion Harris Bicknell

Joseph Goldyne

Natura Naturata
Georgia Marsh

Nausikaa (no. 149)
Werner Drewes

Nude Getting into Bath
Everett Shinn

Nude Recumbent (Nude Asleep)
Milton Avery

Pentimento XXII
Dennis Olsen

Petunias II
Blanche Lazzell

Profile: Head of a Woman
John White Alexander

William Merritt Chase

Matt Phillips

Sunset by the Coast
William Fowler Hopson

Three Streets Down
Wayne Thiebaud

Joseph Jefferson

Boris Margo

Untitled (Cup)
Robert Cumming

Untitled (Group in Water)
Eric Fischl

Valkyrie of the Sea
Xavier Tizoc Martinez

Vinalhaven Shelves and Ledges D
Yvonne Jacquette

Wakeby Night
Michael Mazur

Woman Drying Her Hair
John Sloan

Woman with Red Hair
Ross Moffett

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