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New initiatives are exciting and exacting, requiring both imagination and diligence from those who participate in their creation. The catalogue for A Democracy of Images, which was designed as a virtual companion to the exhibition, is no exception. A great deal of credit for the final application goes to Georgina Goodlander, Web and Social Media Manager at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and Tristan Interactive, who made my idea a reality. In addition I would like to thank the many members of the staff who executed the exhibition so superbly. Eunice Park Kim designed an installation that weaves all the parts into a whole. Martin Kotler is responsible for the beautiful framing of the photographs; Tom Irion did yeoman’s work preparing, matting, and mounting the photographs. Graphic Arts Collection Manager Denise Wamaling and her assistant Edward Bray were more than generous with their time and attention to the exhibition. Catherine Maynor not only served as the exhibition’s conservator but also prepared the excellent Glossary of Photographic Processes for the catalogue. Theresa Slowik, indispensable as always, served as the catalogue editor. Riche Sorenson and Emma Stratton dealt with the myriad details involved in securing copyrights. Very special thanks go to Nina Williams who served as an excellent exhibition assistant; she managed to attend to many details while always keeping sight of the big picture. Her contribution of additional extended labels to the catalogue adds immeasurably to the richness of the virtual project.

Merry A. Foresta
Guest Curator

These trademarked terms, used throughout this website, are part of the everyday vocabulary of image production and photography and are frequently used as generic terms: Apple®, Ciba-Geigy®, Epson®, Fuji®, Iris Graphics® , Kodak®, Photoshop®, Polaroid®, and Sony®.