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Fig. 1 Fig. 2
Figure 1
Figure 2

Typeface selection influences perception. As a visual expression of language, the correct font can powerfully reinforce communication of the central idea. As Felice Regan suggests, an improper font selection can detract from a poster's message.

Compare Xavier Viramontes's handmade letters for Boycott Grapes: Support the United Farm Workers Union (fig. 1) with a machine made font manufactured to mimic the original (fig. 2). Viramontes's handmade letters are representative of the farmworkers who work with their hands and strongly supports the poster's message.

What would happen to the poster's message if the artist had used one of the following fonts?

Display font

Script font

Just like Xavier Viramontes, you can create your own fonts. Visit one of these web sites for inspiration:

Then create your own alphabet!

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