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This Is The Enemy

This Is The Enemy Widely dispersed in low-cost campaigns, propaganda posters typically present a pointed, hard-hitting image that screams out its message.

What is the idea presented in This Is the Enemy by Karl Koehler and Victor Ancona? Why is the caricature in the poster the enemy? What does the poster assume that you believe?

Skillful thinking involves analysis of multiple perspectives of an issue. Should Internet users be taught how to skillfully evaluate sources of information?

Look at a variety of propaganda posters to see how World War II participants viewed themselves and their enemies.

poster detail
The artists' use of reflection in the mirrored monocle is called a metaphor. If you were wearing mirrored sunglasses and people looking at you could see a metaphor for your life, what would they see? Would your friends and your family see the same thing? What about other people?

To see more World War II propaganda posters produced in the United States and read related contextual information, visit Powers of Persuasion: Poster Art from World War II, an on-line exhibit at the National Archives and Records Administration.

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