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Joan Lawrence
speaks on:

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beginning to print


The printing process involves several steps that push the ink through the screen onto the paper.
1. The paper is placed in the guides and aligned with the screen. Detail #1
Detail #2 2. Ink is spread along the inside bottom of the screen.
3. The screen is supported above the paper and is filled with ink. Detail #3
Detail #4 4. After the screen is flooded, it is lowered onto the paper and ink is pulled back across the screen. Ink that is not blocked by the stencil transfers to the paper.
5. The screen is lifted and the print removed. The next paper can now be placed in the guides and the procedure repeated. Detail #5

Joan Lawrence demonstrates the beginning of this process. After she prints the blue background, she makes her first color run, which is white, using a stencil (QuickTime 0:46). Take a look at the result.

As she adds colors, the image changes dramatically.

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