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Vertigo soundtrack

The Impact of Vertigo

VertigoThe Paramount Pictures film Vertigo premiered in 1958. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, the psychological thriller starred James Stewart as private detective John "Scottie" Ferguson, and Kim Novak in a dual role as Madeline, Ferguson's purportedly dead girlfriend, and as Judy, Ferguson's new love interest.

Ferguson is a former police detective who has had a paralyzing fear of heights since causing the fatal fall of a fellow officer. Ferguson has a mental breakdown during the film after assuming that his fear of heights prevented him from stopping the suicidal leap of Madeline, a woman whom he had been hired to protect and with whom he had fallen in love.

With a multitude of shocking plot twists, Vertigo is a film about surprise, impersonation, and intrigue that keeps the audience in suspense until the sensational ending. The film score by Bernard Hermann brilliantly complements the haunting tone of the film (Audio 4:37). Although today it is known as one of Alfred Hitchcock's greatest films, it was not exceedingly successful at the box office.

The film was rereleased, along with the film poster, in 1983. To learn more about the film Vertigo on-line, visit the Cinemania web site.

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