I  N  D  E  X:   A  M  E  R  I  C  A  N    I  M  P  R  E  S  S  I  O  N   I  S  M
1. John White Alexander

2. John White Alexander
    Landscape, Cornish, New Hampshire

3. Frank W. Benson
    Still Life

4. Robert Frederick Blum
    Canal in Venice, San Trovaso Quarter

5. Emil Carlsen
    The South Strand

6. Mary Cassatt
    Spanish Dancer Wearing a Lace Mantilla

7. Mary Cassatt
    The Caress

8. William Merritt Chase
    Girl in White

9. William Merritt Chase
    Shinnecock Hills

10. Maria Oakey Dewing
      Garden in May

11. Thomas Wilmer Dewing
      In the Garden

12. Thomas Wilmer Dewing
      Lady in White (No. 1)

13. Thomas Wilmer Dewing

14. Thomas Wilmer Dewing
      The Hermit Thrush

15. William de Leftwich Dodge
      Stepping in the Fountain

16. Arthur Wesley Dow
      The Hill Field

17. Frederick Carl Frieseke
      Nude Seated at Her Dressing Table

18. Daniel Garber

19. Birge Harrison
      Winter Sunset

20. Childe Hassam
      Celia Thaxter in Her Garden

21. Childe Hassam
      Maréchal Niel Roses

22. Childe Hassam

23. Childe Hassam
      Ponte Santa Trinità

24. Childe Hassam
      Tanagra (The Builders, New York)

25. Childe Hassam
      The South Ledges, Appledore

26. George Hitchcock
      The Flight into Egypt

27. Ernest Lawson
      Gold Mining, Cripple Creek

28. Will H. Low
      Self-Portrait at Montigny

29. Homer Dodge Martin
      Evening on the Thames

30. Willard L. Metcalf
      A Family of Birches

31. Willard L. Metcalf
      Snow in the Foothills

32. Richard E. Miller
      The Necklace

33. Maurice Prendergast
      Summer, New England

34. Robert Reid
      The Mirror

35. Robert Reid
      The White Parasol

36. Theodore Robinson
      At the Piano

37. Theodore Robinson
      La Vachère

38. Theodore Robinson
      Old Church at Giverny

39. Henry Ossawa Tanner

40. Abbott Handerson Thayer
      A Bride

41. Abbott Handerson Thayer
      Cornish Headlands

42. Abbott Handerson Thayer
      Dublin Pond, New Hampshire

43. Abbott Handerson Thayer
      Girl Arranging Her Hair

44. Dwight W. Tryon

45. John Henry Twachtman
      Fishing Boats at Gloucester

46. John Henry Twachtman
      Misty May Morn

47. John Henry Twachtman
      On the Terrace

48. John Henry Twachtman
      Round Hill Road

49. John Henry Twachtman
      The Torrent

50. J. Alden Weir
      Upland Pasture

51. James McNeill Whistler
      Valparaiso Harbor

52. Guy Wiggins
      Columbus Circle, Winter